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60 Recently Redesigned Corporate Identities

Corporate logo redesign is always a challenging task. Sometimes it’s even controversially undertaking for both the designer and organization involved. A great example of this is the Gap Logo. I think I can speak for everybody when I say that Gaps logo was probably the worst re-design in 2010. Once social media got involved, it spread like a wildfire.

Although many companies re-brand/redesign their logo, sometimes its not the best choice to do that. You already have a mass customer base that recognize your brand already. Changing your appearance drastically can really hurt. However you can always freshen up your appearance and make it modern. A great example of this is Walmart’s new logo.

It was a great year, and a year that many companies have re-branded themselves. Many for the better, and a few for the worst. This massive list includes a great variety of different companies that had re-branding performed in 2009-2010. We want you to be the judge and tell us which companies have the worst/best re-branding.

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Note: All the logos have been done manually and this process took me two long days. Each image is linked to the brands website.

1. Walmart

2. Xerox

3. Starbucks

4. Ubunto

5. Yellowpages

6. UPS

7. BestBuy

8. Aol

9. Bauschlomb

10. BP

11. CapitalOne

12. AnimalPlanet

13. at&t

14. Cisco

15. Sprint

16. Rhapsody

17. Discovery Kids


18. Seattles Best Coffee

19. Mtv

20. Quark

21. Pepsi

22. msn

23. Kraft

24. Google

25. Jack in the Box

26. KFC

27. Delta

28. GMgoodwrench

29. Gap

30. Quicktime

31. Airtel

32. Argos

33. Big10

34. Australia Unlimited

35. HongKong

36. Caribon Coffee

37. Egypt

38. Honecore

39. iTunes

40. LendingClub

41. YMCA

42. Your Singapore

43. Workopolis

44. Wikipedia

45. Virgin Atlantic

46. Technicolor

47. Survey Monkey

48. Scribd

49. PricewaterhouseCoopers

50. Myspace

51. Library of Congress

52. Griffin

53. Comedy Central

54. Virb

55. Hemtex

56. Belk

57. DivX

58. THQ

59. Symantec

60.  Verisign

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