C215, Christian Guémy, is a French street artist hailing from Paris who has been described as “France’s answer to Banksy“. As you will notice below, C215 primarily uses stencils to produce his art. His work consists mainly of close up portraits of people such as beggars, homeless people, refugees, street kids and the elderly. The rationale behind this choice of subject is to draw attention to those that society has forgotten about.

As of of 2011 he has been a graffiti artist for over 20 years. This incredible amount of experiences shines is his work and keeps up begging for more. If you are lucky enough you can witness his work while walking through cities like Barcelona, Amsterdam, New York, London, Rome, Paris, and much more. In addition to his street work, C215 also produces commercial artwork for galleries on wood and canvas.

Note: All Rights Reserved by Christian Guémy

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  1. Great article, I love all of the bright and unique styles! I really want to try som stencil work soon.

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