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20 Beautiful Podcast Covers

My consumption of audio is strongly growing into a scary addiction. I recently started listening to many different podcast and I can’t get enough. Learning by sound, rather than reading is so much easier for me. Minimal brain cognitivity and sound-waves go together like peanut butter and jelly. By listening to well informative podcasts while working, I’m able to hit two birds with one stone.

Finding new podcasts is very exiting. iTunes is packed with hidden gems. When I find something noteworthy, I feel like one of those metal detector guys at the beach. Like digging into sand, I dig through archives in hopes of landing on an episode that will change my life. The entire process is very rewarding. It makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. The only difference is that I’m consuming content that will benefit my life, rather than high fructose corn syrup.

I constantly run into ugly or blank podcast covers. If you have a podcast, one of the most obvious things you should do, prior to launching your podcast, is to create cover art for your podcast. For me this is common sense, but I guess others don’t really seem to care or simply forgot about it. I also find covers that are, how should I put it nicely, god-awful.

Your cover art should attract potential listeners. It should grab my attention like the woman in the red dress and create an urgent desire to click the play button. Now I won’t really say that your cover is the most essential part of the podcast, because it’s not. Your content it. However, overlooking this creative aspect will only lead to less downloads and eventually overall failure.

To help fellow podcasters out, I decided to collect some well designed podcast covers. The covers you’ll find below are well designed, well thought out, clean, clear, and visually pleasing. We hope this will inspire you to create a better cover for your podcast. You clearly put a bunch of time and hard work into your podcast. So why in the world would you cut corners?

Good Job, Brain!

good job brain 20 Beautiful Podcast Covers


monocle 20 Beautiful Podcast Covers

Colortones Mixtape

ct004 front 459x4591 20 Beautiful Podcast Covers

The Marketing Agents Podcast

the marketing agents podcast 20 Beautiful Podcast Covers

Bounce Squad

941793d433538f3d0131094831fa42c71 20 Beautiful Podcast Covers

The Combat Jack Show

the combat jack show 20 Beautiful Podcast Covers

The Joe Rogan Experience

the joe rogan experience 20 Beautiful Podcast Covers

Project Moonbase

455fdf43553bafbf0d509cf0475ad48a1 20 Beautiful Podcast Covers

Animation Addicts Podcast

animation addicts podcast 20 Beautiful Podcast Covers

Psychometry Podcast Series

f472504c3d7145b1bb8a2ca99f709f711 20 Beautiful Podcast Covers

Entrepreneur On Fire

entrepreneur on fire 20 Beautiful Podcast Covers

Starting from Nothing – The Foundation Podcast

starting from nothing foundation1 20 Beautiful Podcast Covers

The East Wing artwork by Paddy Donnelly

eastwing fullsize1 20 Beautiful Podcast Covers

The Lifestyle Business Podcast

the lifestyle business podcast 20 Beautiful Podcast Covers

Empire Flippers Podcast – Niche Websites

empire flippers podcast niche websites 20 Beautiful Podcast Covers

High Density by Jory Raphael

highdensity1 20 Beautiful Podcast Covers

Trashed Podcast

mza 933652182140713129 600x600 751 20 Beautiful Podcast Covers

No Agenda

232697 inmsg1 20 Beautiful Podcast Covers

99% Invisible

99 invisible 20 Beautiful Podcast Covers

The Blnce Podcast

blnce 20 Beautiful Podcast Covers

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 20 Beautiful Podcast Covers

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    These are excellent and helped inspire me to write this article about things to consider when creating your podcast cover art.


    I hope it helps in some small way.

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