One Object Movie Minimalism by Pascal Richon |

One Object Movie Minimalism by Pascal Richon

Pascal Richon is a multimedia student from Montbeliard, France. He has created some clever movie posters that use only one object to describe the movie. Take for example the Matrix poster below: He used the iconic blue and red pills to represent the main perspective of the film. If you have seen Matrix then you would technically agree with his point of view.

Minimalist is loved by many designers and art enthusiasts. When we often watch movies we are left with one message to remember. Personally I like to retain with reasonable life lessons the movie wanted to get across. This way I’m will better myself and have a wider perspective of the thing we call life. Without further ado check out the following artwork and let us know if you think it sums up the entire movie nicely.

Note: © All Rights Reserved by Pascal Richon

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American Beauty

The Simpsons

Back To The Future

Black Swan


The Social Network

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Dark Knight


Sweeney Todd


Lost in Translation

Jurassic Park

E.T. THe Extra – Terrestrial

Forrest Gump


Dead Poets Society

Star Wars

The Green Hornet

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