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Whilst album art is often held aloft for its artistic merit and movie posters adorn many a Freshman’s wall, videogame package design is a somewhat underappreciated art. Nevertheless, just like the increasingly sophisticated games they contain, these designs contain interesting influences, and they deploy many interesting tactics in an attempt to stand out on the crowded shelves. Here were the 10 best examples from 2011:

10. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Just try making a list of top videogame art in 2011 without including at least one man walking dramatically towards the camera whilst holding a gun. I’ve got it down to two, and then that’s ignoring the equally-just the same ‘Man walks towards the camera holding a sword’, which I’ve included twice. Entirely absent from the list is ‘Man walks away from camera with back-turned, holding a weapon’ (See: Dark Souls, Rage).

Still, there’s some room for something eye-catching. The military shooter has the monopoly on the kind of composition seen on the Deus Ex: Human Revolution cover, but it does a good job of communicating that the game is a more intelligent action title.

9. Dragon Age II

Gamers may remember that there was another game about dragons this year (i.e. A game that wasn’t Skyrim). It also had some pretty snazzy boxart that built upon the series’ efforts up until now. Particularly clever are the crowds of figures in the negative space under the dragon’s wings (the ‘blood dripping’ effect around these figures is inspired by the bloody streaks on the original box). Of course, they went and spoilt it all by having the same old character pose on the front… though this is arguably justifiable given the switch to a defined protagonist since the first game.

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Posted by Abbi Cox

This guest post was written by Abbi Cox of Phones 4u.


  1. How does Resident Evil 6 cover look like? I’m curious to know! imma RE fanboy.

  2. My favorites are Skyrim and Deus Ex, shame that i don’t have time for games these days. So many great RPG’s coming out 🙂 Nice collection 🙂

  3. Looks like you just pulled out all the games you played in 2011 and critiqued them. No mention of NBA 2K12?! 3 different covers: Jordan, Bird and Magic. Do you live under a rock? Most if not all of these covers are garbage.

  4. Thanks for the measured feedback RJ. NBA 2K12 does indeed have an interesting cover, and it passed it by. Thank you for expressing interest in the rock I live under: it’s called Europe.

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