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Daniel Reese is a 22 year old sneaker designer from United Kingdom. By using his well practiced skill, he takes regular Nike sneakers and turns them into works of art. What started as a part-time hobby, has spun off into an extremely profitable business. Part of the reason these sneakers are so appealing, is that your friends probably don’t have then and could not find them at your local mall.

Ok, let’s answer the first question on your mind. Yes, you can actually purchase all of the designs showcased. Hope you have some deep pockets, because these shoes are not your average Payless prices. Pricing for most shoes listed is around $200 – $250 per pair. On his online store you will be able to find sneakers based on many categories like tv, movies, video games, technology, comics, sports, and music. These geeky sneaker designs are easy to love and probably can relate to every single person reading this.

Current, which is Daniels online store, ships worldwide with a flat rate of £20. At the moment, Paypal/Credit and Debit Card payments are accepted. We hope you will enjoy this exciting collection. Please help us spread the word, by sharing this with your friends!

Note: All rights reserved by Daniel Reese.

Angry Birds – Hurt Pig

Angry Birds – Blue

Angry Birds – Yellow

Angry Birds – Red



Bugs Bunny Concept


Hello Kitty


TokiDoki Marvel

Vintage Mickey Concept

Stitch Concept








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  1. loving them, it’s a pity the last page wouldn’t load for me but loving the designs i saw and want a sponge bob pair : )

  2. Amazing! Love the Daft Punk, LA Noire, Final Fantasy, R2D2, Dexter.. Well kinda all 😉 WANT!

  3. Awesome stuff and great design inspiration.

  4. These made me drool! The punisher one is especially looking-great of all of them but they all still look great. Man, if only Nike will do this.

  5. I love the Disney Stitch one! My little brother fell for both Lego designs! Please more Disney designs! and are you aloud to get these shoes anywhere?

  6. Love the angry bird shoes.How do i order?

  7. Hey there, are these available to order???

  8. this is my honor to find your blog , thanks for your good post , let’s know more something

  9. Can we buy these or are they still just an idea

  10. Yes, you can purchase them. Please read the article.

  11. I like them a lot. I like to design as well. Is he paying anything for copy the cartoons like mickey, tigger, etc???

  12. Brassmonki – Daniel Reese has scammed many people. not shipping orders and not refunding. buyer beware!!!

  13. nice shoes,nice designer\1!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. These are awesome, how do you order?

  15. Attention!!!!!
    I bought shoes by Mr. Reese.The shoes were processed incorrectly….so we send the shoes back to Mr Reese to repair.From this Moment i ahve not heard from him nor the shoes are come back!I paid 125 British Pounds in October and I still wait for the shoes or a reaction from Mr Reese!

  16. thats what you get for paying 125 pounds for nikes.

  17. That’s not very nice.

  18. That’s not very nice.

  19. im in indonesia..
    i want order domo shoe..

  20. im in indonesia..
    i want order domo shoe..

  21. im in indonesia..
    i want order domo shoe..

  22. im in indonesia..
    i want order domo shoe..

  23. im in indonesia..
    i want order domo shoe..

  24. im in indonesia..
    i want order domo shoe..

  25. im in indonesia..
    i want order domo shoe..

  26. im in indonesia..
    i want order domo shoe..

  27. im in indonesia..
    i want order domo shoe..

  28. I love and I want it all :(

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