Irina Vinnik was born, and currently lives, in St. Petersburg, Russia. Growing up she was educated as an architect. She had a few experienced years as a web designer, but has left that occupation to write and illustrate children’s books. We came across her stunning work and absolutely had to share it with you. The drawing skills that she holds are incredible. Every single illustration below  was hand crafted by pen.

She updates her blog very frequently, so feel free to follow her here:

Note: All Rights Reserved by Irina Vinnik.

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Posted by Igor Ovsyannykov

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  1. Your work is AMAZING i’m a artist to I strive to learn to draw like u one day i’m a23 year old male from Mississippi trying to go to college for illustration an architect…..

  2. That’s superb illustrations, very personnal style

  3. it is really hard to imagine how these artists can do so much magic with just moving their pencil… nevertheless, kudos!

  4. That is just so magical!

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