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Safwat Saleem is a graphic designer, filmmaker, artist, and the creative director at Arizona State University. When he isn’t working, he spends most of his free time creating satirical art. He recently published a series of prints depicting complicated relationships between two or more objects. The prints are clean, beautiful, simple, and best of all smart. All illustrations listed below are available for purchase on Enjoy!

Tea bag & Teapot

Lamp & Bulb

Telephone & Nobody

Pac-Man & the Overly Friendly Ghost

Moby the Dick

Earth & Space

Outlet & Plug

Radio & Battery

Plant & Watering Can

Salt & Pepper

Sock & Sock

Car & Remote

Fish & Hook

Check out more creative illustrations!

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  1. Aww, they are all so sweet, but some a bit sad. I love them. <3

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