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25 Exquisite Men’s Wallet Designs

Wallets are usually designed to hold banknotes and credit cards. With the introduction of the first credit cards, the modern bi-fold wallet with multiple “card slots” became standardized. Since then, pocket-sized wallets haven’t really changed much style wise. So why not try something new?

Even thou we’re starting to use our phone to pay for products, I’m still not comfortable with credit card companies, allegedly, tracking all of my purchases and then sharing it with health care companies. I think cash is still king, and you shouldn’t be afraid to carry a hefty wallet. The mainstream media has scared us into only using credit cards, because we will be robbed if we dare to carry cash. This idea is so juvenile and quite hilarious.

Not all wallets are made equal. Men’s wallets shouldn’t be shabby, weak, rough, or heavy. When I purchase a wallet, it needs to be well crafted. I’ve had numerous wallets in my past, and I can sincerely tell you that cheap stuff doesn’t last long. When you purchase quality items, they will last you longer. When you buy cheap crap you will have to continuously have to replace it every few months or so. If you appreciate and value well made products, then acquiring an exquisite walled is more than ideal.

Wallet designs can be very dull. The same black leather wallets you constantly see everybody using don’t reflect style. Today we present you with twenty-five exquisite wallet designs. Our goal is to inspire wallet manufacturers and showcase prominent inspiration for industrial designers in this field. Most of the wallets below can be purchased by clicking the image, however some are actually concepts on Kickstarter waiting to be backed. Enjoy!

Card Sleeve Wallet

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The Fold

mmm1141 25 Exquisite Mens Wallet Designs


the suit 25 Exquisite Mens Wallet Designs

iPhone 5 Wallet Brown Mujjo

iphone wallet creditcard e copy1 25 Exquisite Mens Wallet Designs

Elliot Wallet by Forrestbound

 25 Exquisite Mens Wallet Designs

Zebrawood Bifold Wallet

312163612560989079 4a2ca5c2ad091 25 Exquisite Mens Wallet Designs

Omega Titanium Wallet

 25 Exquisite Mens Wallet Designs

Charbonize iPhone 5 Wallet

262711526475957719 314cd65841711 25 Exquisite Mens Wallet Designs

Slim Leather Wallet by Hellbrand Leather

249897630379806845 5698777b041d1 25 Exquisite Mens Wallet Designs

Kenny Wallet by Herschel Supply Co

282074294593261543 48994bc533161 25 Exquisite Mens Wallet Designs

iPhone Wallet by Landmarks & Lions

288221445 8199c3eb4d071 25 Exquisite Mens Wallet Designs

Field Notes Wallet

 25 Exquisite Mens Wallet Designs

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 25 Exquisite Mens Wallet Designs

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    What about for women? I like Diamond Billfold anyway. :D

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    Why can’t you promote a great wallet or pair of shoes without killing something?

  3. Chad Rogez says:

    Awesome collection. Now I know what I need next.

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