Print not Dead: 25 Creative Bookmark Designs |

Print not Dead: 25 Creative Bookmark Designs

Spoiler alert: Believe it or not, physical books are not dead. The only thing that the Kindle cannot do, is have that beautiful brand new book smell. Bookmarks are available in a huge variety of materials with a multitude of designs and styles from which to choose. Today we decided to showcase some examples that push the limits and are far from ordinary. Enjoy!

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Leaf-it Bookmark Post-its by Sangwoo Nam – Appree

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Authors & Bookmarks by Cemal Günü?en

Ninja Bunny/Bear Bookmark Stickies

Silver Bird Metal Book Mark

Propaganda Help Bookmark

Hana Fusen Note Tags

Handy Bookmarks

Golfer Bookmark

Hogri Bookmark

Terminix Advertisement Bookmark

iPhone Icons Paperclips & Bookmarks

Favbook by Ilshat Garipov

Wicked Witch Bookmarks by Woodland Honey

Bookmark by Es Collection

Pointing Finger Bookmark

Monster Bookmarks by Noodoll

Puffy Bookmark

Fairy Tale Bookclip by i3Lab

Bookmarks for Penguin Books’ all-time classics

Jacket+Bookmark by Icoeye

Magnetic Photo Bookmark by Photojojo

Pagecues by London Design Studio

Haptic Penna by Nothing Design Studio

Save Bookmark by icoeye

Spectacles Bookmark by arkndesign

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