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The age of digital media, internet technology, and worldwide e-commerce, is upon us, and what that really means is that, for most of us, our lives are now almost completely entwined with the internet in some way or another, whether it is for personal use, social use, business, use or otherwise. With so much of our daily lives and pieces of our identities living on the internet, the new danger that comes with that is cyber security hacks and vulnerabilities.

Hackers and thieves used to have to take our purses and wallets, or lift numbers off our credit cards or social security identifiers in order to compromise our personal or business information; today, all a hacker needs to do is find the appropriate online platform that has poor security, and take all the database information that lies within it. Pretty scary, if you think about it. This infographic, the 2012 Cyber Security Research Report lays out the fine details and statistics about the state of Cyber Security today and how it affects all of us as internet users.

2012 Cyber Security Research Report

This infographic was made by Bit9, the leader in Endpoint Security and Advanced Threat Protection. Solve your server security solutions from Bit9.

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