Is Your Boss a Psychopath? [Infographic] |

Is Your Boss a Psychopath? [Infographic]

Psychopaths feed on human suffering. They create and draw out conflict in order to exploit the people involved. The optimal career for a psychopath is that of a boss. There are many opportunities to take pleasure in the human struggle and suffering at the mercy of the bosses design. The most common tactics are obvious, others are often impossible to prove.

Yelling is an obvious sign of a psychopath boss. Yelling does nothing to help an employee or solve a problem. The only person that benefits from yelling is the boss and the benefit is pleasure found in other people’s humiliation and suffering. Tactics that are not so obvious involve betrayal and manipulation.

A boss controls more of an employee’s future and quality of life than any other person alive. False promises, denied requests and sabotaging a subordinate’s career, hopes and dreams are all opportunities that a psychopath boss can exploit and enjoy with little chance of repercussion.

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Igor Ovsyannykov

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