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It’s been a long time since there appeared an engrossing web design trend that would have such an immense popularity. That’s why Responsive Web Design got its niche in the list of the most popular design trends EVER. These days we can observe a brutal confrontation between mobile and responsive designs, anyway time will show which one will get all the marbles.

Much has already been said about responsive design, thousands of tutorials were created along with an infographic that we’d like you to see today. These tutorials outline everything from which automated testing tools to use to how to properly use fluid grids.

Since we are all fond of nice pictures, infographics are very engaging if compared to showcases or roundups, because we are too lazy to read the text…but pictures give us the portion of pleasure that we can’t obtain from words. Let’s take Pinterest as an example; if you click “Infographics”, in the categories list, you’ll see a huge number of these informational graphics covering all possible themes of interest: starting from “How to Pick the Tea” up to “Stages of Birth of Universe”. While browsing through one of such collections I’ve run across this catchall infographic about responsive web design.

The ones I’ve seen before were dedicated to specific aspects of this topic, but this one includes everything we need to know about RWD. Previously, I didn’t even know who the father of responsive design is, but now I know his name – Ethan Marcotte. One more joke in a style “Luke I’m your father” can be adopted, when Ethan Markotte comes to a monitor with a responsive website on it, lends his arm and says “I’m your father”.

But let’s keep up to the point, guys who created this infographic did a great job, they’ve not only gathered all the information info about RWD and presented it in a clear/concise form, but underpinned it with numerous resources and references. Those who are not really familiar with the responsive trend may use it as a guide into the world of RWD. Also, it’s an exciting way to learn what it takes to build a responsive site. You definitely need to see the dynamic infographic yourself and we hope you’ll enjoy it!

Responsive Web Design


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