Social Media's Growing Impact on Relationships [Infographic] |

Social Media’s Growing Impact on Relationships [Infographic]

How do you use Social Media? Specifically, how do you use Facebook? If you are like the majority of some 845 million Facebook users worldwide, you use it for all sorts of things, from sharing photos and stories, connecting with friends and family members, following your favorite business and celebrities, to airing out some daily gripes on your status update. But one other area of life that is actually one of the most frequently shared personal facts on Facebook is the relationship status.

A whopping 60% of all Facebook users (approximately 507 million people) list themselves under some relationship status, and while this statistic alone is already quite alarming by itself, it doesn’t even account for how many more relationship details are being shared as well, such as romantic photos and stories, engagement announcements, planned nuptials, and of course the occasional rumor or jealous tirade. This infographic presents various Social Media statistics like the previously mentioned, and it also helps illuminate the greater idea of Social Media’s Growing Impact on Relationships, particularly on Facebook and online dating sites.

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This infographic was created by Julianna Rae, makers of fine silk gifts for her and a place to buy lingerie online.

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