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Information graphics, or infographics, are excellent visual tools you can utilize to market and promote your eBusiness or blog. Infographics are visual representations of knowledge, information or data. Successful infograpics can convey complex or technical information clearly, coherently and concisely to its viewers. Just yesterday, I observed a very well-designed infographic that made a compelling case as to why casino style gambling should be legalized in all 50 states.

The infographic explains that such a measure could be a solution to tackle the USA’s debt crisis. The tax revenue generated from casino legalization could serve to hire more quality teachers, place more police officers on the streets and provide tuition relief to the nation’s college students. I can safely say that information conveyed through infographics is far more digestible than information that is convey through plain text.

In addition to infographics, I love Pinterest, an incredibly popular social networking tool that has swept through the Internet like wildfire. Pinterest has become the fastest growing website of all time, according to Fortune magazine. TechCrunch recently reported that Pinterest became the fastest independent site in the US to eclipse the 10 million monthly unique visitors mark. Take a minute to really digest these facts and data. Pinterest is outpacing the likes of social media powerhouses Facebook and Twitter at similar phases in their development.

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What exactly is Pinterest, anyway? Pinterest is an entire virtual photo-sharing community that allows its users to create digital pinboards that can be organized by various categories. Examples may include beauty, fitness and home decor ideas. “Pinners,” as they are referred to, can then “pin” relevant images to their various pinboards. Users can pin images they find on their own or “re-pin” images from other users’ boards.

Pinterest really has created a community feel in that its users can follow other pinners and leave comments on various images, which can initiate a dialogue. Among the most popular content themes that can currently be observed on Pinterest include beauty, fashion, fitness, exotic recipes, arts and crafts, home decor and inspirational items. These themes appeal broadly to women and so it should come as no surprise that 80 percent of Pinterest users are currently female.

I would like to consider myself to be a good matchmaker. I can absolutely envision a successful union between infographic creation and promotion through Pinterest. If you want to truly market and promote your blog or eBusiness to a massive global audience, you may want to consider hiring a digital graphic design expert who can help you produce visually appealing infographics. You can then create a Pinterest profile for your brand and include these infographics within relevant pinboards.

The next step is to start following other users who belong to the same general niche as you. For example, if you manage a creative blog that focuses on arts and crafts project ideas, follow other users who are interested in this niche. If your manage an eBusiness geared toward selling instructional fitness videos or fitness products, follow users who are passionate about fitness. As you can imagine, these users will likely be interested in your brand and visit your site.

If you run an eBusiness, you will be pleased to know that Pinterest drives more sales than Facebook or Twitter. Pinners who visit your site are simply more likely than Facebook or Twitter users to take out their credit cards and make a purchase. As your brand develops a strong presence on Pinterest, you should add a “Pin-It” button to your site so that Pinterest users who visit your site can easily pin images to their boards. As you can imagine, this nifty button will start working for itself immediately.

The key is to create infographics and promote them through Pinterest so that your site can enjoy a new traffic source – one that is known to generate sales. I really can see a great, lasting marriage between infograpics and Pinterest.

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Posted by Ellen Howard

Ellen Howard is an "avid" pinner, digital graphics designer for Ellen has created several infographics that she has then promoted through Pinterest.

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  1. I think for businesses like me that runs by me don’t have much time to be everywhere and need to try and see if one have returns stick to it.

    That is why I am going to start using Pintrest for a month or so and see the result

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