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20 Fictional Logo Designs for Your Inspiration

Movies have always been a source of inspiration for designers, artists and other creative thinkers. From the beginning till the end, a good movie offers a variety of content which is really helpful if we want to grab something out of it instead of just watching it and then back to our work after it is over.

As I am a big movie lover, I watch lots and lots of movie in my free time, but as active viewer having a small notepad or a piece of paper noting down all the important and useful facts that I watch in it: like new ideas, concepts, gadgets, unique designs etc.

Here in this article I am sharing with you some of the fictional logos which are collected and recreated me as a part of my small project named “Fictgo”.

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Jurassic Park logo, Jurassic Park series

Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defence logo, Hellboy series

Omni Consumer Product logo, Robocop series

Nakatomi Plaza logo, Die Hard

Resources Development Administration logo, Avatar

The Union logo, Repoman (2010)

Tetragrammaton Council logo, Equilibrium

Kobra Kai logo, Karate Kid (1984)

Wolfpack logo,Twilight series

NA Robotics logo, Bicentennial man

M.A.R.S logo, GI-JOE

Saberling Appliance Control logo, G-Force

Cyberdyne Systems logo, Terminator series

Encom logo, Tron (2010)

Stark Industries logo, Ironman series

Weyland-Yutani Corp. logo, Alien series

Tyrell logo, Bladerunner

Umbrella Corp. logo, Resident Evil Series

Bromley Marks Pharmaceuticals logo, Daybreakers

Buy N Large logo, Wall.E

I think you must have enjoyed these logos so from today onwards try to be an active viewer. Each and everything around us was an idea once and people like us have moulded those ideas and brought them to reality. “Always try to make something new out of the older ones and you’ll enjoy this for sure.

Now I want you people to do me a favour and post the name of some good logos from the movies which are not present in the above showcase.

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