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30 Charming Flat Logo Designs

Flat design is a hot trend right now. It all started when companies like Microsoft went all in with flat UI design. Now we see Google and Apple joining the flat design bandwagon as skeuomorphism fades away.

Color in flat logo designs ranges from the minimalist two-color scheme all the way to multiple colors. The logos typically consist of clean lines, classic graphics, and simple fonts. The focus is mainly on distinctive colors instead of elaborate color gradients and shading. It is not unusual for a two-color design to use a vibrant color with white as the second color. Typically, flat logos revolve around lovely fonts and typeface instead of eye-popping elements.

Additionally, flat logos allow logo designers to strip away the flamboyant to focus more on conveying a concise idea. The thought behind these designs is that the company logo is at the forefront and is strong enough to communicate the corporate ideology. Some attribute the desirability of flat logos to ease and cost-effectiveness for small companies and start-ups.

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To get you inspired, we collected 30 outstanding examples of flat logo designs. Enjoy!

Croissant by Jonas

Croissant by Jonas

Knockout Sushi by Curt Rice

Knockout Sushi by Curt Rice

RevCake Logo by Sona Psotova

RevCake Logo by Sona Psotova

Personal Brand Animation by Kevin Schiffer

Personal Brand Animation by Kevin Schiffer

MYTHAI by contrast8

MYTHAI by contrast8

Nextcam Logo by tone&type design


Lion King by George Otsubo


Mobid Logo by Arkadiusz P?atek


Impala by Jan Meeus

Impala by Jan Meeus

Doble Moral Logo by Pablo Massa


Owlie by Bady


SurfShell by Adam Dehaven

SurfShell by Adam Dehaven

MasalaCraft Logo Desing by Kenil Bhavsar


Second Sight Logo by Chanpory Rith

Second Sight Logo by Chanpory Rith

Star Fox by Christopher Reece


Creative Status – Logo by Blaz Robar


Personal Mark by Armas B


Ark Designs Line by Mark Conlan

Ark Designs Line by Mark Conlan

Hudddle Logo (hudddle.co.uk) by Jamie Heuze


Colorado Springs Illy by Ryan Putnam


Best Western by Julieta Felix


Peak Data by Jon Reader


Reflect Architecture Logo by Gevi Marotz


Ivory Garden Records Logo by Jonathan Patterson


Smart owl by Jonas Söder

 Smart owl by Jonas Söder

WhoStole.it Logo by Roy Barber

WhoStole.it Logo by Roy Barber

San Francisco by Jesus

San Francisco by Jesus

Bambam by Redkroft

Bambam by Redkroft

Aviation Museum — Logo Design by Amy Brown

wnAviation Museum — Logo Design by Amy Brown

Euphoria by Stanislav Stanovov


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