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40 Alternative Brand Reversions by Graham Smith

Graham Smith is one of the best logo designers in our community. With over 23 years of experience, Graham definitely knows what he’s talking about. He masters in niches like logo design, identity design, graphic design, advertising, marketing, commercial print and reprographics.

As an ongoing logo project, he creates new reversions of famous brands by swapping one creative style with another. He often take the top two competitors of a particular niche. As an example, check out Coca Cola and Pepsi below. To stay updated to the latest designs check out his Brand Reversions Set on Flickr. Without further ado, we hope you will enjoy this showcase.

Note: All rights reserved by Graham Smith.

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Coca-Cola Pepsi Reversion

Pepsi-Coca-Cola Reversion

Google-Bing Brand Reversioning

Bing-Google Reversion

Forrst-Dribbble Reversion

Dribbble-Forrst Reversion

Posterous-Tumblr Reversion

Tumblr-Posterous Reversion

Vimeo-YouTube Reversion

YouTube-Vimeo Reversion

Facebook-Twitter Reversion

Twitter-Facebook Brand Re-versioning

Android-iPhone Reversion

iPhone-Android Reversion

Ferrari-Ford Reversion

Exxonmobile-Chevron Reversion

Audi-BMW Reversion

Visa-Mastercard Reversion

Adobe Air-Microsoft Silverlight Reversion

McDonalds-Burger King Reversion

FedEx-UPS Reversion

Walmart-Best Buy Reversion

Helly Hansen Northface Reversion

Smirnoff-Absolut Vodka Reversion

Verizon-Vodafone Reversion

Barnes&noble-Amazon Reversion

ATT-sprint Reversion

Spotify-Grooveshark Reversion

Grooveshark-Spotify Reversion

Gtalk-Skype Reversion

Skype-Google Talk Reversion

Nike-Pum Reversion

WordPress-Expressionengine Reversion

Netflix-Hulu Reversion

Abercrombie & Fitch-Hollister Reversion

Benelli-Ducati Reversion

Blackberry-flickr Reversioning

Digg-Reddit Reversion

Canon-Nikon Reversion

Mashable-TechCrunch Reversion

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Igor Ovsyannykov

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