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50 Excellent Text Oriented Logo Designs

We have gathered a roundup of very creative text orianted logo designs. This collection includes all sorts of calligraphic,  handwritten, and text based logo designs. We spent a lot of time collecting only the best works for your inspiration, so please keep that in mind. If you are designer in need of some help for your logo design project, you have arrived to the right place!

If you are working on creating a type based logo, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • It’s a great idea to have a variety of different fonts at hand. Every designer had hundreds if not thousands of different fonts in their collection ready to roll. There are numerous amounts of websites where you can download free fonts for commercial use.
  • Design the logo in Adobe Illustrator. That way you can easily re-size the vector logo if needed in the future. If you are confident that you will never use the logo for anything else except your website, you can use Photoshop. I completely understand why some designers feel more comfortable with the software and dislike the functionality of Illustrator.
  • Obviously you want it to be readible and easily understood. Try to find the font you think will be ideal, create the outlines and start coming up with different variations of placement. Do you want the letters to be farther, closer, combined, or overlapped? Try some different variations and see what works best.
  • Don’t over think things too much. Usually over thinking leads to a bad logo design. Keep this quote in mind when designing, “Keep it simple stupid.”
  • Have a synonym in mind that’s associated to the company? Integrate it into the design. For example you can use negative space to the item as a letter. There is no limits, don’t be afraid to think outside the box.
  • Any company can open up Microsoft Paint or Word and type their text based logo with a downloaded font, but do they have the creativity to stand out of the crowd? I don’t think so. This is the reason they need you to create a strong, memorable, and attractive logo design. Be creative through out the process, and be proud of the work you create.
  • Oh, and one more thing. If you are a logo designer that’s only in it for the money, I don’t think it’s the right profession for you. Designing in general is a very strong passion and if you don’t get it, well you just don’t get it.

Note: All of the images are linked to their original author.

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Igor Ovsyannykov

Igor Ovsyannykov

Igor Ovsyannykov is a 23 year old geek, blogger, and designer. He mostly spends his time working here and sharing resourceful knowledge with others. He also enjoys weight lifting, hanging out with friends, and losing his mind to progressive house music. If you would like to reach him, send him an email to inspirationfeed@yahoo.com

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