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I'm a designer and entrepreneur living in Washington D.C. I have a passion for designing, building, and executing products from start to finish. If you wish to hire me, please check out my portfolio:


  1. Hi Igor,
    Some really fascinating logo designs. I would not have expected such diversity from this blog as they all have the same focus. Some are more successful than others. Personally liked the Vangaard, Zion, and Lion Bird designs. A very nice selection to scroll through and provide inspiration. Thanks

  2. Igor, Lyle’s Golden Syrup has a rather creepy lion logo you might want to look at. I posted an image of it some years back:

  3. What about peugeot lion logo?

  4. Maybe you could do another version of this post, I mean, there’s tons of other examples out there. I’m not saying nothing should get by you but inspirationfeed is on dribbble right?

    Just saying. Thank you for the post though

  5. Hi, I just inspiring with these logos! Thank you so much..

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