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  1. What an inspiring collection of logos. Every one is really cleverly done yet stayed so simple in design. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Really nice collection… I especially like the one for Kackad (#2), it is beautiful and it matches the “action” topic very well. Very well executed!

    I will look forward to the next collection of logos you choose to showcase here on this site… (which I hope you will ;))

  3. They’re nice but I think they are totally credible.

  4. A superb collection of logos, I especially love the White Rabbit, Teletaxi and Weber oh and the iTea House logos, very clever 🙂

    Thanks for sharing

  5. superb! those are the best collection ever!

  6. Excellent, this collection will help me alot for my graphic design work

  7. wow…so inspiring! thanks for sharing.

  8. very creative, it will help me alot for my job in future

  9. Nice collection, my favourites are: Inspired Construction; Japan Garden; Maximum Cleaning Service and Contre.

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