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45 Heart and Love Logo Designs

When you think of love what comes to mind? Personally, many ideas flow through my head. Things like memories, and concepts based on my experience are quickly accessed in my brain. Love is truly an incredible thing that we are able to experience. Whether it’s your friends, family, or your spouse, we all share consequential feelings/emotions toward them.

So how do these emotions comply with logo design? When designers create logos, they focus on the meaning they want the user to get when viewing the designated design. As simple as it might sounds, accomplishing this process is far from easy. Being able to appeal to the masses is vital for success. The attention span of a regular consumer is less than 2 seconds. They are bombarded with advertising on a daily basis. Ignoring ads, logos, and other media has become a habit.

There are however, people who notice out of the ordinary things.  Those ordinary things are usually creative symbolic design. Associating your brand with a heart shaped symbol is very challenging. Even thou the meaning of a heart usually represents love, competition is fierce because many companies take advantage of this. How do you defeat this market and still take advantage of the symbol? You have to stand out of the crowd.

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Today we have gathered amazing logo designs that use the heart and love symbol. Being able to gain inspiration from the following, will help you get on the right track. All of the images are linked to their original source. Without further interruption, we hope you will enjoy this collection.


Injoy Water



Cards For Care

Kitchen Love


Bird Love

Love Kristina

The Sweetest Days Photography

Sky of Love

Care Cruiser Golf & Gala

Love Clip


Wine Luver

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Igor Ovsyannykov

Igor Ovsyannykov

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