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The Secret Keepers by Vasilis Papadopoulos and Thanasis Tsampoukas


The Secret Keepers are ‘one of the finest harvesters’ of virgin olive oil, green olives and honey, and their packaging says just as much as the actual product. ‘The Secret Keepers’ are self-proclaimed keepers of hidden secrets of tradition. The minimalistic design of their packaging is perhaps, one of their best kept.

Inspiron and Vostro by Mucho


The packaging redesigns for Dell’s Inspiron and Vostro reflect an environmentally conscious organisation, whilst still being at the forefront of communications technology. Simple, bold graphics, and minimal detail make this upcycled packaging something worth noting.

PURO Premium Water by Filippos Protogeridis


PURO Premium Water looks as fresh as it tastes. The bottle has a simplistic design, and the only added detail to its otherwise sleek physique, is the addition of the cork bung (for the Still Water) and the granite bung (for the Sparkling).

PANACEA by Alexey Malina


The name Panacea is the name for ‘universal remedy’ and thus the album imagery was visualized as a ‘pill’. While the concept behind naming your album after a pill is complex – the aesthetic of a tiny piano encased in pill form is rather endearing.

Pure, white, and light. While this New Zealand vodka ticks all the boxes when it comes to great taste, purity, and quality, so does its packaging. Vodka jelly in a unique sealant packaging? Manly tool meets feminine bottle – this is a great party trick for entertaining a crowd.

Harmonian by Mousegraphics


Harmonian food products have hit the nail on the head with their radically simple packaging. Flour, pasta, oil, and herb infusions are bundled up in boxes, with the design based on the Triticum Dicoccum variety of wheat seeds. The seed is one of the earliest domesticated crops in the ancient world, and the use of tem in showcasing each Harmonium product reminds us of the versatile nature of not only the seed itself, but the product inside.



Copenhagen is the name of Carlsberg’s new beer, although you wouldn’t guess that by looking at its sleek and sexy design. Simplicity reigns here, and they’ve succeeded in targeting a new generation of beer drinkers who love the total package of design, taste, and quality.

Harry Brompton by Cartils


Harry Brompton’s premium alcoholic ice tea has a classic and old fashioned look about it, but at the same time it’s dominating the market as a the next big thing in lifestyle beverages.

Jealous Sweets by B&B studio


Simple, elegant and stunning – Jealous Sweets have that ‘much too good for children’ appeal, which is perfect for these high end sweeties that are the ultimate gift for grown-ups. Detailed luxury boxes, glossing, embossing, and foil blocking – simply, sweet.

Restored Water by Morgan Sterns


Restored water was ‘strongly influenced by the process of taking highly treated wastewater that would have previously been discharged into the Pacific Ocean and purifying it using a three-step advanced treatment process.’ The clean cut glass bottles mixed with the rustic charm of the wooden box is a great combination of elegance, old and new.

Fruits & Passion by lg2boutique


Recently, Fruits & Passion introduced a new range of packaging to portray their new CHERRY, BAMBOO and COCONUT products. While the use of white space, colourful and bold type that jumps off the packaging is incredible, the playful use of the coconut shape, bamboo texture, and boldness of the cherry creates a fresh, zesty energy – which is a perfect reflection of the brand.

Provenance by Jog Limited


Provenance high-quality home ware products are made from recycled, reclaimed and renewable materials, so it is fitting that their packaging reflects as much. Each product has a story to tell, with the packaging using a ‘this is now’ and ‘this was’ approach to explaining the recyclability of each. For example, ‘this bottle was once a part of a building’ to the reverse ‘this is now an antipasti platter set’ on the front.”

Heineken Icone Pure by ORA-ÏTO


100% sustainable aluminum bottles, and a chic new look for one of world’s most renowned beers? Meet the the Icone Pure by Heineken. This unique bottle is pure white with a green dotted inscription and still features the iconic green logo of Heineken on the front and back.

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