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40 Creative Wine Label Designs

The design of a wine label can make or break the success of a new wine introduced to the market. Wine labels are important sources of information for consumers since they tell the type and origin of the wine. Most of the time, when the bottle is without a box, the label is the only resource a buyer has for evaluating the wine before purchasing it. Information like the country of origin, quality, type of wine, alcoholic degree, producer, bottler, or importer is usually included in the wine label.

By law, wine must be packaged in one of the standard sizes — 50 mL, 100 mL, 187 mL, 375 mL, 500 mL, 750 mL, 1 L, 1.5 L, 3 L, and larger integral multiples of liters. Mandatory label information shall be stated on the brand label such as net contents according to standards of fill. As you will witness today, many graphic designers have focused their attention to making creative, compelling labels that connect a bottle of wine with its buyer. From the classic, elegant designs to those that bring some humor to a sometimes snooty industry, the wine labels you will see today are there to catch your attention. Enjoy!

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Mike Weir Underdog Wine Co.

Adir Winery

The Quest

Snake + Herring

The Bottle of Wits

Daniel Brokstad


The Cloud Factory

Coma Fredosa

Ali LaBelle

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