Antalis Calenclock 2012 by Ken Lo |

Antalis Calenclock 2012 by Ken Lo

Ken Lo is a designer for Hong Kong. He currently runs and manages his BLOW design studio, which was founded in 2010. Blow specializes in branding, identities, packaging, environmental graphics, print, publications and website design. Their recent innovative invention is the Antalis Calenclock 2012. The simple yet bold approach really stands out in the crowd.

This brilliant calendar idea, is presented in a very clever way. While showcasing time, you are able to see the month ahead, main holidays, and inspiration letter-pressed quotes to keep you motivated. By thinking about the relationship of date and time, 12 months and 12 hours on the clock, Ken Lo has designed a new format: Calenclock. Without further ado, we hope you will enjoy this design. There is currently no word on when it will be released. So far according to feedback, people would gladly make the purchase if the price is right.

Note: All Rights Reserved by Ken Lo

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