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5. Contagion

The film Contagion brought the aspect of bird flu that has spread to quickly among human beings. The result of this movie was particularly interesting and eye opening. After I saw it, I started to think what if a disease like mad cow, bird flu or something new could in fact work it’s way to us. The result would be catastrophic. Therefore, this sits at number 5. The horrors of what the image portrays above could be very likely.

4. Children of Men

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When I heard that this movie was coming out in 2006, I was a bit sceptical. However this movie turned out to be very original. The fact that the human race stops producing offspring does raise some hairs when you think about it. Instead of the human race having a quick death with a meteor or ice age, population would slowly start eating itself away. The image above epitomizes that because we can bring up our own offspring, it defines us as a race that life will always prevail of the death. If that was to happen, the world could be a very dark place. But can it happen? Well the possibility is always there, with the population always aging and many people deciding not have kids is a possibility. Think about it, condoms and abortion contradict life.

3. Waterworld

Possibly the oldest movie on the list, but this movie was on of the first to show the world under 100 meters of water. The spooky image of Kevin Costner swimming down to the buried city is one that stays in a persons mind throughout the film. The chilling thought is tough to think about, because it could actually happen. Scientists have proved that if global warming carries on, our polar ice caps will melt. The watery world that Kevin Costner finds himself in, could also become a part of our lives. Although they say it won’t be for another 500 years.

2. Terminator

Who could forget Terminator? A great movie, with an even greater post apocalyptic story behind it. Eventually the movie depicts the end of the world through judgement day. The only change instead is the possibility of a man made natural disaster. Building machines that eventually take over the world is very chilling. Considering what technology is doing for us now, our over dependence on it could lead to something like the picture above.

1. Sunshine

A favourite among many the originality of this disaster movie is amazing. The earth’s sun is dying and 2 teams have been sent to see if they can restart the sun using a bomb. The first image that really does hit home, is the picture of Australia under snow. The second, is the image above that makes us realize we endlessly rely on our sun. If something like this was to arise, it would spell the end of all life on earth as we know.

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  1. I have watched the road recently it was very scary and adrenaline movie. i liked it. although they didn’t mention how this happened to the world i didn’t give any importance to it. i just was so focused on the father and the son. at the end i didn’t think about how this happened until now but i did at the begging but kinda it went away..

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