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Fascinating Photo-Manipulations by Alberto Seveso

Alberto Seveso was born in Milan the 30th of May in 1976. He approached the world art at the beginning of 1990s for the first time in his life. His passion for graphic arts started with the fascination of graphical skate decks and the CD covers. Like every other id growing up, Albert realised that his computer could be used as an art tool and not just a gaming device. Since then, Albert began mastering his digital skills and actualizing beautiful photo-manipulations with Adobe Photoshop.

Alberto currently works as a freelancer in his hometown, Portoscuso, Sardinia-Italy for small, medium, and big agencies. Today we collected some of his best artworks for your pleasure. Enjoy!

Adobe Photoshop Touch

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Ayaka - Beautiful EP (1)

Ayaka - Beautiful EP (2)

Ayaka - Beautiful EP (3)


College of Charleston Magazine

Computer Arts miniposter

David Lynch

Ice Cube

Meta Fisica

Playboy Magazine USA Zombcon

Rule 34



the blood drains down like devil's rain

The Man Who Would Stop Time

The Renaissance of Colors

Val Kilmer


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