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Top 20 Talented Logo Designers

Do you need a logo design? Are you looking for a professional? Well you came to the right article. Today we have gathered some of the most talented logo designers around! Their work is spectacular and we assure you can trust them for your next project. We do not want to be bias, we feel that the designers listed are very realiable and trustworthy. To put in in basic words, if we had to get a logo designed these are the people we would contact first. We acknowledge that there is way more unknown talent out there, so if we missed you let us know.

Below we have listed the authors work, name, email, and website. We felt that this is the most important information you will need regarding choosing your designer

1. Bojan Stefanovic



2. David Pache



3. Raja Sandhu



4. Bart O’Dell



5. Michal Ozorowski


6. Mike Erickson



7. Kevin Burr



8. Julian Hrankov



9. David Morgan



10. Roy Smith



11. Nido



12. Alan Oronoz Madriles



13. Sean O’Grady



14. Damian Dominguez


15. Sean Farrell



16. Josiah Jost



17. Ivaylo Nikolov



18. Srdjan Kirtic



19. Jerron Ames



20. Gareth Hardy



We respect the designers’ privacy and if you want your email to be removed, please let us know. Your email is listed for future clients to contact you regarding price, quotes, and information.

Note: These are the top 20 logo designers that I know, based of my opinion. I understand that there are many other great logo designers out there that i probably don’t even know about. Please don’t think this is a shot at other logo designers.

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Igor Ovsyannykov

Igor Ovsyannykov

Igor Ovsyannykov is a 23 year old geek, blogger, and designer. He mostly spends his time working here and sharing resourceful knowledge with others. He also enjoys weight lifting, hanging out with friends, and losing his mind to progressive house music. If you would like to reach him, send him an email to

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  1. I love the negative space in logos like Ed’s electricity it’s awesome, great post there! =)

  2. Igor Ovsyannykov says:

    Thank you, I’m glad you like it!

  3. Msoja says:

    WOW!!!! These guys are flippin good! i am inspired!

  4. Anthony Lane says:

    That’s not any of David Pache (helvetic brands) work…

  5. Kosta Mijic says:

    Something is wrong with David Pache section – you put logos from other designers by mistake.

  6. Igor Ovsyannykov says:

    Sorry i accidently got his favorites.

  7. LukeSF says:

    Finally some Internet praised logos got the faces.
    Great job, guys! You deserved to be in the list.

  8. Danmoore says:

    Great list with some amazing designers. Definitely the standouts for me are ocularink and Sean Farrells work. All are amazing though.

  9. Sean says:

    Thanks for the include. Some great logo designers on this list and its an honor to be a part of them.

  10. Sean says:

    And thank you Dan :)

  11. Outstanding showcase, super inspirational. I agree with most of the logos featured on this article, I think that one of the main issues when solving a logo idea is the font selection and, these guys certainly have resolved it.

  12. Jose Mendoza says:

    Nice showcase. These guys are amazing!

    I love the SocialSEO logo by David Pache, the Hello LED logo by Roy Smith, the BIG EAT logo by Nido, the DietGeenics logo by Alan Oronoz Madriles, the ED’s ELECTRIC and OFFICE STRATEGIES logos by Josiah Jost, the Buzzword Studions logo by Jerron Ames, the PIXEL DEMON logo by Gareth Hardy, and the Logofolio Logo by Mike Erickson.

  13. @TwoGiraffes says:

    I have never seen Michal Ozorowski work, but its pretty sharp.

    Sean Farrell work is the best on this list, he is the most underrated logo designer on the web.

    disclaimer: I am biased, as that nifty giraffe logo was commissioned for me.

  14. Wow these are great! I highly doubt I’ll ever be part of a list like this, but I can always try.

    Great job guys, keep up the outstanding work!


  15. Robert Tutsky says:

    Thanks Igor for the gathering of this wonderful display of fantastic logo designs… After seeing this I have to get to work.


  16. Guy Droog says:

    Incredible designers.. absolutely great!

    One remark, should be ;-)

  17. Christopher Magruder | UneekGrafix says:

    Great round up here of some really talented designers.

    Don’t forget to check out some of my logos on my site. Never know if you feel like expanding the list!


  18. Igor Ovsyannykov says:

    Will do, thanks!

  19. Donas*StenciLART says:

    Great job, homies!!

    More jobs as it.

  20. Claire says:

    Great article. Some awesome designers/designs here. It’s a great achievement to have the big brands in your portfolio, like Brandstack for example.

  21. dcalonaci says:

    I think this post miss the faboulous, minimalistic work of Graham Smith; take a look at his website for some outstanding works:

  22. Ian Miles says:

    I disagree.

    Most Profoundly.

  23. Chris says:

    Now this is great list of really talented logo Designers with outstanding logo designs.

  24. Jerron Ames says:

    Thanks for including me.

  25. FrenchiedeLuxe says:


    Are all these designers rather free lancers or do they work full time for some precise company?

    Thanks for this great list!!

  26. Igor Ovsyannykov says:

    They all work for them selves, you can contact them for a project, if you like.

  27. Jaso says:

    You have put together an amazing and inspiring collection there.
    My favourites are:
    K12Reader, McLean Coffee, Ecodiva and Avifauna.

  28. Mister says:

    These are nice. I wish my clients had creative names like the ones above. So easy, so convenient. Anderson & Smith Inc. is just too damn difficult…. why couldn’t they be called Power Spears or Thunder Leopards or Fist Tree or Contact Lens Monitors or Division 7 or Think Tank Park Rangers or… well you get what I’m saying

  29. Amazing! Loved the concepts, I will try to interview one of them. :)

  30. Rose says:

    Daditooo estoy muy orgullasa de ti!!!! Congrat´s!

  31. Bickov says:

    ???????? ???????, ?? ?? ??????? ?? ????? ???????? ???? ???. ?? ??? ????????? ?????? ??????????

  32. Alexei says:

    A great collection – very inspiring.

  33. wien says:

    great article, with very good stuff, thanks

  34. Nice Logos… very creative…

  35. KataBoy says:

    Whoaaaa! This is real Graphic designer….

  36. Great list. Some of ‘em I’ve never seen before, but they’re great nevertheless. Anyway, when it’s time to update your list, please keep an eye stuff as well. I’ve been in the business for quite a while, but I still don’t do the blogging thing yet. You may like some of the logo & identity work featured on my site at Cheers man, Gert van Duinen

  37. Great list. Some of ‘em I’ve never seen before, but they’re great nevertheless. Anyway, when it’s time to update your list, please keep an eye on my stuff as well. I’ve been in the business for quite a while, but I still don’t do the blogging thing yet. You may like some of the logo & identity work featured on my site at Cheers man, Gert van Duinen

  38. Sorry for the double post, something went wrong in Chrome.

  39. Logo Design says:

    awesome designers. simple designs yet very creative.

  40. nido says:

    wow.. I think nido is the best logo designer in the world!… but I am biased.

  41. Wonderful logo designs.
    Great mind great idea.

  42. Bart ODell says:

    Wow it is amazing what you find on Google. Never saw this posting before. It is nice to be considered amongst designers that I respect and I thank you for the inclusion.


  43. Igor Ovsyannykov says:

    My pleasure, keep up the incredible work Bart!

  44. really great post, liked the work ,

  45. Igor! Exactly what Bart said. Thanks!!

  46. Bumble Bath says:

    I really love Jerron’s work. He did my logo for me back in 2006-I still love it!

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