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60 Inspiring Quotations That Will Change The Way You Think

Sometimes life gets tough and we need that little something to keep us going. That little something is inspirational quotations. We love to read and get inspired from them, but a few seconds later we throw them out of our head. The way we perceive life most of the time, is wrong. Probably the biggest thing we all search for in life is happiness.

People who search for happiness think that money and fame will make their life perfect. As good as that sounds most of the time, that statement is not true at all. You have to be thankful for everything you know and own. Just when you want something better than you already have (Example: a new iPhone,) remind yourself that someone in the world has never even had the privilege of using such technology. There is somebody always better than you and always somebody less fortunate than you. Until you find the middle ground and accept what you have, you will not reach happiness.

Now while reading this you are probably thinking we sound like your mother. Just like that person who always loved and cared for you, we are trying to point you in the right direction. We strongly encourage you to read every single one of these quotations and walk away with a brand new mindset. I strongly believe that each and every one of us has a creative mind, and the reason we don’t use it is because we are afraid of failure. I strongly believe in this quote “If you never try you’ll never know.” As corny as it sounds it’s true. So next time you doubt yourself  think of this, and show people what you are made of. The worst thing that could happen is you failing, big deal, get up and try again.

Today we have gathered some of the most inspirational quotes we could find. All of the quotations below were hand-picked based on the message they sent. Of course as our name suggests we want to feed you with inspiration, so grab your favorite piece of beverage and enjoy the following quotes!

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Igor Ovsyannykov

Igor Ovsyannykov

Igor Ovsyannykov is a 23 year old geek, blogger, and designer. He mostly spends his time working here and sharing resourceful knowledge with others. He also enjoys weight lifting, hanging out with friends, and losing his mind to progressive house music. If you would like to reach him, send him an email to inspirationfeed@yahoo.com

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