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60 Bold Typographical Statements from Wordboner

Peter Sebastian started Wordboner in early February 2009. What started as a Tumblr project, would later turn into a print-on-demand t-shirt company. In their own words Wordboner is “typo+quotography with personality.” While only being 2 years old, Wordboner has covered a various amount of day to day topics like wordplay, art, love, life, music, and much more. What separates Wordboner from others, are the bold statements that some might find offensive.

These days people love controversial topics to argue about or take part in. This is one of the reasons we think Wordboner has become such a huge hit with the young crowd. We wanted to cover them for quite sometime, and today we finally have! If you are interested in buying t-shirts, check out their official store. After browsing, let us know which design was your favorite. Personally I really liked “You click your life away!” We hope that you will enjoy and get inspired from these typographical statements as much as we did.

Warning: Some of the following work contains inappropriate language that might not appeal to all ages or be safe for work environments.

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1. Prove Everyone Wrong

2. On The Covers

3. Just Friends

4. A Part Of Me

5. Equally

6. Figment

7. Age

8. Life is the slowest form of suicide

9. Fades

10. Conquered

11. Sometimes I think we should…

12. Why I Love You

13. Get Stuck

14. Miracle

15. Sleeping is for the dead, dreaming is for the living

16. Other Plans

17. Forget

18. Take a step back

19. Fortnight

20. Other Half

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Igor Ovsyannykov

Igor Ovsyannykov

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