Sydney-based designer Felix Lobelius runs an independent design studio focusing on brands, identities, and visual communications. With a love for simplicity and help from insightful research Felix aims to craft thoughtful solutions for challenging problems. His latest mission is to tackle dyslexia.


After studying the symptoms of dyslexia, Lobelius found that people with this condition have a hard time reading. In an attempt to solve this problem, he created a new typeface called Dyslexie. Each letter of the alphabet is slightly adjusted to help the brain differentiate it from others.

Check out the video below regarding dyslexia and this typeface. Keep in mind that the video contains a few spelling errors. All the mistakes are typical translation errors of Dutch into English. Enjoy!


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  1. Hi

    This is amazing and it does work. I have L.D as well, I was so easy to read your typeface. It was like smooth reading. Is there somewhere I can download it from?


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