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20 Great Examples of Animated Motion Videos

I thought we should try something different to get you inspired. Since inspiration comes from the weirdest sources, here are some inspiring examples of animated motion videos. Some are animated videos and some are music videos. They are all different and should get your inspiration juices flowing. We would love to hear your feedback, so please comment below.

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La Gaîté Lyrique from La Gaîté Lyrique on Vimeo.

Heart Of Stone from Ladi-Boy on Vimeo.

Penguins in Heaven from Federico Costa on Vimeo.

How Your Money Works from MUSCLEBEAVER on Vimeo.

WOOD from mc bess on Vimeo.

PIRATES!!! “The Curse of the Evil Eye” from Rémy Tornior & Yves Geleyn on Vimeo.

Blind Spot from Cécile Dubois-Herry on Vimeo.

“Better Together” for Match.com from FriendsWithYou on Vimeo.

Codehunters from axisanimation on Vimeo.

parkour motion reel from saggyarmpit on Vimeo.

Alma from Rodrigo Blaas on Vimeo.

Elio from Rob Diaz on Vimeo.

subprime from beeple on Vimeo.

Deekline & Wizard – Back Up (Love for the Music) | Video by Drunk Park & Joe Hamilton from Drunk Park on Vimeo.

Snap Dragon – We Are Enfant Terrible (Double Dragon remix) from weareenfantterrible on Vimeo.

The Beatles Rockband Intro from Stephane coedel on Vimeo.

STRIP STEVE – BREAKIN’ from Boysnoize Records on Vimeo.

U2 – I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight from David OReilly on Vimeo.

Alarm from Meteorix007 on Vimeo.

The Beatles Rockband Intro from Stephane coedel on Vimeo.

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Igor Ovsyannykov

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  1. julio Rivera says:

    Really cool videos =)

  2. Franco says:

    Great collection!!! I love the parkour motion reel

  3. pippo says:

    “parkour motion reel” is a big fake!
    the original is: http://vimeo.com/7050373

  4. king skp says:

    This is great… the thing I love

  5. luz del alba says:

    super aperos!!! en especial-parkour motion reel

  6. Rubens says:

    Really very, very nice works!!

    We would appreciate to see our work published in a post like this.

    Our reel: http://vimeo.com/70891192

    Thank you for the chance!

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