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40 Creative Examples of Facebook Timeline Designs

21. Umair Latif

22. Travis Keith

23. Andy Hirsch

24. Mark Spangler

25. Herb Cloutier

26. Jasmine Star

27. Sune Adler Miltersen

28. Sune Adler Miltersen

29. Amy Mae Elliott

30. Tanner Ringerud

31. Arch John Philip Uy

32. Jeffrey Diana

33. Rob Harris

34. Yale Zhao

35. Paul Lau

Prototype Timeline Facebook Fan Page Designs

The following designs are from a New York agency called Skinny. They have created some gorgeous examples of what the newly revamped Facebook Fan Page designs might look like if having the Timeline feature enabled. From the looks of it I think the implementation will allow companies to express their own creativity. Also for small businesses, Facebook could serve as a dedicated online location for their operations.

Setting up a website might be overseen, and companies might focus their efforts on Facebook only. This statement is solely based on my opinion, and makes complete sense if you think about it. Currently on a fan-page you can view images/videos, purchase items, read the latest happenings on their wall, contact them, and much more. If you are a small local business, there is no need for a website. Monetizing Facebook fully, can save you time and help you reach your local fanbase.

36. Coca Cola

37. Burberry

38. Mercedes-Benz

39. Target

40. Redbull

Surprise Bonus

Wanna create your very own Facebook Timeline based website? If your answer was yes, then here is the WordPress theme that will help you achieve your goal. Timeline was designer by JuliusDesign and inspired by Timeline Facebook based on Twenty Eleven 1.2 proudly powered by WordPress. This theme is 100% free and available for download (link listed below).

Theme Features:

  • Theme option panel
  • WordPress 3.0 menus
  • Timeline Scrubber
  • Featured Category
  • Lightbox Image
  • Social Network ready
  • Author Page
  • 404Page
  • WordPress 3.0 +

Demo | Download

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