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49 Creative iPad Application Websites

Ever since the iPad has been released, the application market has been growing rapidly. If you are a web designer looking to get some inspiration for an iPad based web design, this  resource will help. Most of designs show the beautiful life sized iPad with their app running on the screen. This is a great elegant method of attracting customers. To see what i mean check out number #4 Sorted, it has a very clean and worry free design that makes you feel organized. We hope you will find this helpful and inspirational. Don’t forget to check out our other collection of 100 Wonderfully Designed iPhone App Websites.

1. Jubileeapp

2. Tweframe

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3. Twitterrific

4. Sorted

5. Layersforipad

6. Things

7. Souschefapp

8. Digitalpost

9. Bento

10. Twittelator

11. Etrade

12. Ego-app

13. Junecloud

14. Globemaster

15. Granimator

16. Sketchyapp

17. Bitalpha

18. Phasesipad

19. Gametableapp

20. Coursenotesapp

21. Hugetweetsapp

22. Ipadmixr

23. Spreadsapp

24. Gusto

25. Evernote

26. Weather Station Pro

27. Soundpaperapp

28. Syncode

29. Soulver

30. Playjumbalaya

31. Tweetdeck

32. Squareup

33. Osfoora

34. Thephotocookbook

35. Tabtoolkit

36. Glasshouseapps

37. Pulse

38. ConverterPlus

39. Masqueapp

40. Comic Zeal

41. Babydecks

42. Papers touch

43. Yahoo Entertainment

44. Onepassword

45. Studiotrack

46. Howcast

47. Freeform

48. Idraw

49. iTeleportmobile

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Igor Ovsyannykov

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