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Illustration can add a fun/innovative vibe to your websites theme. The goal of the illustration should be used to grab the readers attention and showcase your talent. Lately there has been an increased amount of illustrated websites. This trend has been around for awhile, but is getting more popular. The examples presented below include illustrations located in the header, sides, and the footer. All the websites were hand-picked based on quality. We know that there is more examples out there, so feel free to comment below.
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1. Arbeldesign

2. Yaronschoen

3. Wpcoder

4. Veboolabs

5. Wowtoys

6. Thegreatbeardedreef

7. Creamscoop

8. Pampaneo

9. Haafe

10. Ipersonalassistant

11. Francescomugnai

12. Vindem-teren

13. Storenvy

14. Stickermule

15. Carbonmade

16. Twither

17. Psd-to-wp

18. Thealamobasement

19. Onepromo

20. Carsonified

21. Pixelbaecker

22. Ormanclark

23. Heyindy

24. Thepixel

25. Bantora

26. Kitfolio

27. Serj

28. Thinkorange

29. Happywebbies

30. Oldloft

31. Howhost

32. Icondock

33. 429jp

34. Adamwoodhouse

35. Andreaugusto

36. Artua

37. Blackmoondev

38. Communicatorworld

39. Creativeswitch

40. Cubeclub-chemnitz

41. Delicious-monster

42. Design19

43. Duirwaigh

44. Ericsteuten

45. Eutem

46. Readymadedesigns

47. Coolbrushdesign

48. Synchmedia

49. Loscoloresolvidados

50. Pralinenschachtel

51. Betyourfollowers

52. Grepit

53. Kidd81

54. Piipeonline

55. Peter-und-vlad

56. Fatburgr

57. Candycult

58. Digiti

59. Goralskidomek

60. Monsterisle

61. Mutantlabs

62. Zologicka

63. Ndesign-studio

64. Iwit

65. Seanhalpin

66. Mcmillerssweetsemporium

67. Amoderneden

68. Veerle

69. Level2d

70. Offermeatrip

71. Plavacek

72. Logodesignsstudio

73. Flugapi

74. Pieoneers

75. World-arcade

76. Raskulls

77. Themanyfacesof

78. Fuseboxcreations

79. Garamiz

80. Getmefast

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Posted by Igor Ovsyannykov

I'm a digital nomad and entrepreneur bouncing around South East Asia. When I'm not working here, I'm out taking photos. Follow me on Instagram: @igorovsyannykov


  1. i really like your blog but what about a directlink to this beautiful websites?

    greetz koka

  2. haha i was dragging too much, sry 😀

  3. Shahidur Rahman June 15, 2010 at 4:58 am

    Thank’s. But missing.

  4. These are excellent! So colorful and inspirational! The minimalist trend gets so boring to look at. This is very refreshing. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Nice overview but… a lot of them all have the same Web 2.0 look & feel.

    Would love to see more variation in style. There are so many beautiful illustrations on the web.

    Cheers, Michiel Nagtegaal (NL)

  6. very nice collection here. I bet there are more websites out there waiting to get featured too. Here’s just one of those.

  7. Nice Collection of Websites. Really All those designs looks great.

  8. Nice collection, but was I the only one thinking by the end “yep, seen it, seen it, seen it”?

    These “new HTML 5” designs all seem to be a bit repetitive in their structure whilst trying to proclaim themselves as “standing out.”

  9. I still find and some of the best examples on the genre. Working on my own as well and hopefully up on tuesday (15th of may)

  10. Great design Illustrations!

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