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As a freelance writer and blog write it is not always easy to get new ideas for articles and posts every day. It is like a swing: there are days in which your brain is a volcano of ideas; you get excited about so many topics and angles that you cannot keep track of them. And then there are those bad days where… well, you stare at your black Word page and nothing comes out; your inspiration and motivation just abandon you and nothing happens.

I am sure all of us have, at least once, experienced this hopeless and frustrating situation. Unfortunately there are deadlines and personal pressure to make such misdeed even worse! Then how to cope with this?  I will share with you what helps me reducing and sometimes eliminating the chances of experiencing the so called writer´s block and inspirational shortage:

Write it down


During those lucky days in which you just explode of ideas, make sure you write them down! Have a block note (or spread sheet) where you note all the ideas you have. If you write for different sites and or have more than one blog regarding different topics, it is useful for future reference to make a note about which blog or site your idea is suitable for.

Initially it might seem that your ideas are so clear and straightforward, but if you write down only a few words to explain your concept, it might be that after a few weeks, when you actually sit down to write your piece, you do not remember exactly what your ideas was and a few random word spilled down on your paper will not help. Make it a habit to specify and briefly describe your thoughts regarding that subject.

Make a list

When writing for your blog or other sites, it is always good to prepare beforehand a list of all the things that interest you and that you have good knowledge about. Divide into different topics and use subheadings to expand your main interests into a few related subtopics. This already will sparkle ideas and it will give you a perspective of also what you would like to write about. It might be that you like music, but that you would not like to write about it or do not have any specific knowledge in the field.


Every now and then, take 30 minutes or an hour just to think and get inspired. It is very useful to brainstorm with other people that will for sure be able to come up with different angles and will have different views than your own.

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Do some keyword research: what is your blog about? What do people with similar blogs discuss or write about? What kind of language they use? Are people interested in your blog topic or specific post/article ideas?!


Reading is probably one of the most inspirational tools! Reading helps you increase your vocabulary, helps phrasing concepts and reasoning. Reading every day, whether is a book, news or articles on the web, opens up your mind. Do not forget to keep updated and read articles about your specific needs and niches: it will provide you many ideas and angles that you could replicate or just use to get new inspirations.

Your Private life

Everyday event can also sparkle inspirations and new ideas for your writing.  Pay attention to little things in everyday life and put them under different lights and perspectives, you will be amazed of how many things you can write about.

Do you have a lifestyle/relationship blog and just had a fight with your partner? Try to think of all the things that irritate you about him/her and how you cope with them or solve them; then write an inspirational story on it:  how compromising is important in a relationship or on men/women´s stereotype in a couple and so on.

The world around you – happenings- news- events

Be vigilant, the world around you is an immense inspirational tank! As with your private life, you can get inspirations by happenings and people around you. Think about current news and upcoming events, be prepared and think ahead.


Try to plan your editorial calendar; when to write, when to take time to think and so on. When you have reached a few ideas, schedule when you should be writing them and set yourself some deadlines. Whether you blog for fun or you are a freelancer, punctuality and consistency are very important!

Now, sit down, get creative and stat typing!

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Posted by Sara Coppola

Sara Coppola has a background in International Business. Right now she writes for many sites and also regularly blogs for Passion for Fashion to pave her freelancing career.  When not writing she loves to shop, travel and take pictures.

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