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With the advance of technology, people are trying to associate all their daily activities with the internet. Thus the concept of promotion and marketing also get associated with each other. Every company wants to gain popularity in its industry. If it is an online business, it has to be highly competitive to get noticed, and even more so to be recognized as responsible and trustworthy. Internet marketing plays a significant role in these businesses. A company’s success or failure is often controlled by internet marketing.

Promoting sales through internet marketing may be the company’s realistic goal, but it cannot reach its maximum potential without paying attention to other parameters. Since it is affordable and helps in global recognition, the Internet marketing concept is gaining rapid popularity. The interactive nature of the internet also contributes to the popularity of this concept. Truly speaking, internet marketing is not restricted to the website. The scope of the Internet marketing is beyond the development of a website or operation through the website.

Let us discuss in brief about different types of Internet marketing.


Search engine marketing

It is the special type of internet marketing strategy which helps in gaining traffic from search engines. This type of internet includes several categories such as paid search advertising and free SEO efforts.

E-mail marketing

It is a process of direct marketing that uses emails to deliver commercial messages to potential customers. These emails can be used to build loyalty, trust or brand awareness. Emails can be generated to either old customers or current customer database.

Blog marketing

Blog marketing is a process of marketing where ads are placed on blogs. It also carries recommendations and reviews of the product by the blogger. These ads can be placed in different ways on blogs such as banners, text links, streaming video, audio clips and even plain text.

Viral marketing

Viral marketing is a marketing technique that uses already existing social network and other technologies to create brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives through spreading the computer viruses. However, this method is not always safe, since the viruses could invade the computer of a customer. Hence, it could result in bad reputation for the marketing company.

Interactive marketing

This is another strategy of Internet marketing which is a one-to-one marketing process that reacts to the actions of customers and make the necessary changes for driving up marketing effectiveness.


  • Mails are delivered in bulk but when the customers check their mailbox, they see the mail addressed directly to them.
  • You could use demographics which help you with analytics, customer response and immediate results.


If people are not updated with the latest technologies, all the marketing efforts would fail. Also, in internet marketing, customers don’t have the opportunity of experiencing the product before actually buying it.

Intimate marketing

This is a marketing strategy where suppliers or product retailers get closer to their clients. This type of dynamic marketing provides frequency of contacts between the company and its clients. Here are some tips of how to relate to your market in a far more intimate way.

Put yourself in the shoes of customer

Make a list of your favorites, your loves, your needs and feed them. This helps you to know what the market expects and loves because you have experienced everything as a customer.

Treat your customers well

Treat them like as you would treat your near and dear ones. Give them something as a sweet surprise.

Collect the feedback

Really acknowledge about their experience of your product and respond accordingly. Collect their feedback and work on it.

When you commit a mistake accept and set it right

Everybody makes mistakes, so don’t worry, set it right.

Appreciate your customers

Express your gratitude for them, they really feel good.

Advantages of Intimate marketing

  • Impacts revenue growth and earnings by establishing long term interactive relationship with key customers.
  • By having close and frequent relationships with the end-users, the companies get to know of the evolution of their processes and unsatisfied needs in advance of the competition.
  • Highly tailored problem solving capabilities
  • Highly customer loyalty levels

Though internet marketing strategies have some limitations, it is believed that the internet marketing will be more accepted in the coming years.

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