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They say that New York is the Big Apple, but according to the statistics shown below, it looks like the computer and device company is the Biggest Apple in the basket.
Apple should be its own country. In the Democratic Republic of Apple, citizens bound by the love of their groovy devices will work, play and communicate without rancor. Just imagine happy people living together in harmony.

Peace reigns in this one place on the planet because PC’s are not allowed. Don’t think of it as discrimination; think of it as discriminating taste. Close your eyes. Visualize a place full of beautiful things that work beautifully — with no platform arguments. After the 30-Year War, isn’t it time to say enough is enough?

We’ll try negotiating for that cool Eiffel iTower thing, too. Huddled masses of PC refugees will be welcomed and green cards quickly bestowed — just buy an Apple device at the door. And here’s a promise: No creepy TSA pat downs.

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Source: Best Computer Science Degrees

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