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Minimalism.  The art of achieving the most with the least possible elements.  This term has been around since the 1960’s and applies to every existing form of art and design.  Though, only a few years ago it has gained momentum in the area of web design. Learning how to use minimalism correctly, can help you accomplish a rewarding, stylish looking website.

The objective of Minimalism is to emphasize the importance of the content by eliminating any distracting element. In web design, it helps the client to focus and avoid confusions that could lead into abandoning the site.

Less is More

Doing a minimal styled website happens to be trickier than you would expect. Perhaps because it’s necessary to organize the elements very well in order to make the design look complete. That is why these two words are key: balance and layout. Keep in mind there has to be a focal point; otherwise the website will turn bland and unappealing.

A great exercise you can do as a first step, is to make a list of all the elements you consider necessary (logo, products, services, contact info, social networks, etc) and then start to cross out those ones that aren’t crucial. Try to eliminate as many as possible, and merge the ones that can go together. This exercise will turn out different for every person or company because it will depend on the objectives and purposes they plan for the website.

Once you establish which elements are going to definitely be in the website, organize them by importance. It is highly suggested to take your time in creating the wireframe, trying different layouts until it has the hierarchy and visual interest you desire. Don´t forget to limit the colors, shapes and textures you use. If you feel it is not ready yet, first try eliminating an element rather than adding a new one.


The first color that comes to mind when you think about minimalism is white. Using white, black and a pop of color is one the most successful ways to approach this style. However, it is not the only one. If you feel more daring, try replacing white for a different color add give your website an unexpected look. Besides color, typography and even simple animations can be used as a focal point.

There are no strict rules that define how to implement Minimalism in web design. It can be adapted to many different styles and used for several purposes. It’s a timeless trend that impresses sophistication and a modern vibe, besides helping clients focus in your website’s objective. Experimenting with different ideas and techniques to update your site for this new born year is a great plan, as long as you remember that Less is more.

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Posted by Sara Vanegas

Sara Vanegas was born in Bogota, Colombia and resides in South Florida.  She works for Z Networks Group, which is a well-known, high end web design company. If you are interested in contacting her for professional help for creating a website, or updating an existing one, you can reach her at [email protected].

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