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Isaiah Frazier is a freelance Brand Identity Designer that creates websites, logos and creative campaigns for companies of all sizes. Check out his online portfolio


  1. Good procces and descriptions but avarage results… 3/5.
    IMHO 🙂

  2. Excellent Process for logo design. Logo design gives identity to your business so it’s very important. Know more about how to get best Web Design Services

    It’s excellent Inspiration for web designers Thanks… 🙂

  3. Really interesting process to create a logo, but probably you should work also with a structure grid to unify the different elements of your work (main type, slogan, logo).

  4. Very nice, could you explain how you chose the colors or the client gave you the details about the color?

  5. Great post. You seem to have a good understanding that how to design a professional logo. When I entering your blog, I felt this. Come on and keep writing your blog will be more attractive. To Your Success!

  6. Excellent post!

  7. A fast process, but I’m a bit old school, I rather go by the brief, ideas, concept, sketching and more sketching, (30 are quite few sketches in my honest opinion moreover when it’s the same idea (tree) but with slight differences) then working the type and finally adding color… I think that by choosing the colors you are influencing the direction of the design, and keeping the exploration at minimum.

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