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There are pros and cons to almost every single thing, person, or idea you can possibly imagine. Duality is present everywhere you turn. In order to be aware of it, you must think logically when it comes to important decisions. Wishful thinking wont get you anywhere, and being “optimistic” about important career decisions is like jumping into a pool or sharks and hoping you’ll survive.

Technology has haters and lovers. With the constant advancement in artificial intelligence and automation, you’re bound to find old processes becoming obsolete on a frequent basis. Never get too comfortable. Take a moment and ponder whether or not your job will be replaced by software or a machine in the near future.

The 20th century saw a colossal job loss in factories as machines replaced humans. Since then, the America moved to a “services” based economy. But for sure history can’t repeat itself, can it? The following infographic takes a hypothetical look at jobs that might become obsolete in the future. Enjoy!


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