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Many of us have hit a wall in our work life, and are badly in need of a change. The problem is that we have financial and family commitments holding us back.

It doesn’t hurt to look into a change, however, and making the move across to a new vocation can be a lot easier than many imagine it to be.

There is no requirement for us to wear the same pair of shoes throughout life, as we tend to outgrow sizes, change in our attitude as we grow, and get bored of the same old thing.

So why should we confine ourselves to the same role, at the same desk, doing the same thing for the rest of our lives?


A career in real estate

Beautiful modern apartment building against a blue sky

Ever wondered what it would be like to take your passion for homes and people, and transfer that into a career where you are dealing with… you get it.

A career in Real Estate may be the way to use your undervalued skills in the Toronto real estate market, sell some pretty impressive apartments in New Jersey, or hook up a new family with their dream home.

It is a highly rewarding career for those interested in people and making a difference.


A career in marketing

Marketing is a career where the potential rewards can be huge. What’s more, the majority of marketers tend to enjoy their jobs.

Not a bad start.

Much like real estate, marketing professionals are commonly outgoing and friendly people, who mix their natural positivity with a hard work ethic.

Although there are varied types of roles found within the marketing niche, the sector generally has a number of fun and exciting careers with big opportunities.


A career as a journalist

Close-up Photo of Gray Typewriter

If it wasn’t for journalists, the majority of the news we have would go unreported.

This is even more the case in war zones or places which tend to have little access to outsiders. However, this role is far from reporting on wars or investigations into corruption in politics.

There are a high number of journalist positions, ranging from foreign correspondents, news anchors, sports writers, and much, much more.


A career in music

For every park bench, there is at least 500 failed rock stars.

While the aim of many young musicians is to emulate their idols and sell out big venues across the world, a career in music does not have to be all about killer riffs and decadence.

In fact, the guys responsible for making the big noise so big are often the ones which go unnoticed.

Label executives, producers, sound engineers, technicians, TV commercial composers…


A career in IT

Man connecting ethernet cables to a server

Fancy yourself as something of a computer whizz?

Stuck in a job where you don’t even use a computer, far away from your source of interest?

Then IT may be for you.

The future is likely going to be dictated by an increased level of technological advancement (not Skynet, hopefully) which makes a career in Information Technology the most appealing it ever has been. As the old saying goes: it is never too late to start.

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