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Over couples of years, web has become an unavoidable part of online promotion strategies in business houses. A company, in present scenario when people are spending remarkably increased time on Internet, cannot afford to ignore the significance of online promotion tools, be it print advertisements or digital presentations. Considering the popularity of Internet and its role in today’s time, companies launch painstaking marketing campaigns on various sites.

Web is such an interesting platform that it allows you to use extremely creative ways to carry your advertisements. You can publish print advertisements and make ingenious use of graphics in them, use jingles for voice messages about your offering or show a movie clip as long as you wish along with the intensive incorporation of text, graphics, etc., in it. So, in this race of online promotions video marketing campaigns have made a special place for them. Lets discuss how to plan and execute video marketing campaigns.

Plan and Strategy

Before you actually start your video marketing campaign, you should analyze several elements associated with it. First, you should understand why you want to be engaged into the video marketing campaign and how it is going to benefit you. The time and cost are the other important elements, you should take into considerations. Find out the target audience and the ways to tap them with convenience. If you know your target, you should also know how to reach them.

An attractive and comprehensive video

That is the first requirements to ensure the success of any video marketing campaign. Isn’t it? So, you should create a video that clearly convey your message within limited time frame. No one has time to watch your movies for minutes. It is always advised to get the video shoot and edited by experts so that it carries a professional approach. Please, don’t just use that video to tell your audience about your product or services; instead make it funny or sensitive enough that force audience to take a pause and think and then co-relate with your offerings. Remember the Vodafone Zoozoos?

Social Media Sites

You cannot make you a video marketing campaign popular without sharing it on Facebook. Facebook, Google+ etc. are some of the sites, which are best platforms to attract a large number of crowd towards your videos. You automatically get instant popularity with Facebook, as your videos get spread like a fire in the forest from one person to another and from one community to another.

YouTube is another video search engine that allow you to spread your video all across the world. All these options allow you to drive sudden traffic to your website and convert visitors into buyers or payers for your services. Besides, Google, Yahoo, Bing, MetaCafe are some of the other prominent places where you can host your videos.


Creating the video and hosting in on all the platforms, doesn’t mean that your job is done. You will have to optimize the visibility of those videos to your target audience by different means. You will have to write catchy titles and description to video and approach the right people. Further, you will have to answer to their queries and maintain a professional relation to make your links search engine friendly. The more actively you response to your visitor, the more search engine friendly your videos will be.

If all the above four points are taken into consideration, one can effectively run a video marketing campaign. Video, by default, are of such nature that attract anyone’s attraction. You just need to keep a right approach and follow practices that can allow you to show your videos on different platforms.

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