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Romeu & Julieta is an illustration studio from Porto Alegre (Brazil.) As you might suspect, their studio’s name is very similar to the history of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. They don’t follow an artistic set path, meaning all techniques, all styles, all concepts are valid and equally attractive. From a simple and fun 2D technique to a 3D hyper-realistic beauty composition, everything is valid. Since it started, the studio has delivered stunning work in the short 4 years.

The studio is run by Jean Fields and Patricia Palma. The Romeo,Jean Fields, has experience in the fashion market, and worked for almost ten years with advertising illustration and animation. And Juliet, Patricia Palma, is the front as director of care, and is responsible for the fantastic relationship that the studio has with agencies and clients from all over Brazil.

Their services are not based on financial figures, but of human values and confidence that your projects are delivered in the right hands, and that they can overcome the espectativasa each new “job”. Thus, over four years of existence the Studio Romeo & Juliet, had a great chance to close partnerships with customers exceptional, illustrating and animating dreams that traveled throughout the world (some say they saw our work walking around Mars as well).


  • One Show Design Finalist – New York
  • ARP – Grand Prix Embalagem
  • Lâmpadas ABP
  • Festival Brasileiro de Publicidade Rio 2010 – OURO Peças Isoladas/Super Massa Estrela

Note: All Rights Reserved by Romeu & Julieta.

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