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20 Pretty Fonts For Your Next Design Project

When it comes to your next design project, think about this: A picture is worth a thousand words, but a font speaks louder than words. Our digital landscape today is so sharp, so upfront, and so innovative that people –...

/ September 8, 2015
5 Signs of a Demotivated Workforce

5 Signs of a Demotivated Workforce

People may think identifying demotivation or loss of inspiration is easy. But being a Top Motivational Speaker in India has taught me that it is not. Because the symptoms of demotivation are not always a sad & depressed face. We...

/ September 7, 2015
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How to Boost Inspiration at Home: Workplace Organization

Are you looking for inspiration? Work freelancing means to be in a process of self-development, trying to manage your workflow daily; and it is not that easy without inspiration. Here’s what I mean: if you are inspired, you start working...

/ September 5, 2015

Freebie Friday: GistX Font Family

This weeks freebie comes to us from Yellow Design Studio. Opened in 2004, Yellow Design Studio is devoted to creating high quality typefaces and artwork. The studio consist of two people, Ryan and Rena. Ryan focuses on creating fonts and Rena focuses on...

/ September 4, 2015

Top 5 Drawing Tablets for Artists and Creatives

It is truly amazing just how far your creativity can go with the use of technology. Where you can already do so much with the traditional paper and pencil, you can even do so much more once your artwork is...

/ September 4, 2015
Spigen Apple Watch Stand

Top 10 Apple Watch Docks

The Apple Watch is truly a product of great minds, especially when you look at it from an aesthetic viewpoint. It’s sleek and looks good with just about anything you wear, and the fact that it does have a lot...

/ September 3, 2015

How to Shoot an Outdoor Portrait

There are many different ways to take a picture, shoot a portrait, snap a shot. Whatever you want to call it, there are a variety of techniques to use when capturing the perfect shot. Looking to utilize Mother Nature’s splendour...

/ September 2, 2015

Deal: The Huge Font Bundle ($29)

This month we have a great deal for you to take advantage of. It’s called the Huge Font Bundle. This is a massive font bundle from TheHungryJpeg that’s available for only $29! This bundle includes an incredible 49 fonts plus 17 FREE bonus...

/ September 1, 2015
Free Minimal Tumblr Themes

25 Free Minimal Tumblr Themes

In a world that has gone crazy for social media, there are still quite a few that long for more than just adding friends and sharing posts on their news feed. Some strive to gain and share more substance when...

/ September 1, 2015