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30 Powerful Thomas Jefferson Quotes on Life, Liberty, and Tyranny

American Founding Father Thomas Jefferson was among the key people who would later write the mission statement for a revolution and a new nation. Aside from becoming the third United States President, he was also involved in the Lewis and Clark expedition, created assimilation policies with American Indians, and help found the University of Virginia.…

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How to Do Dropshipping the Right Way.edited

How to Do Dropshipping the Right Way

Technology makes our lives easier. It saves us from the hassle of doing things manually. And it also makes a lot of our activities cost-efficient and easier to do. This benefit can be seen in our current business landscape. Gone are the days when you need to open a physical store to sell merchandises. Now,…

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How to Improve Yourself as an Entrepreneur

Being a business entrepreneur is a great job for sure, but you'll have bad days just like any other person with any other job. You will have critics that tell you what you're doing right or wrong. Don't ever let this be a reason for you to quit or give up on your goal. Don't…

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40 Cozy and Insightful Winter Quotes To Beat the Cold

Summer festivities are fun, but winter festivals are lit. Every year, every winter time, different festivals are happening around the globe. The winter solstice is basically THE holiday season, as some of the most celebrated holidays and events in various cultures and religions happen at this time of the year. Among these events are winter…

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4 Ways Ecommerce Sites Can Encourage Word of Mouth

They say the secret to success in retail is “location, location, location.” But where does that leave ecommerce sites? While it‘s true e-stores won’t benefit from a corner spot on Main Street, they can still benefit from word of mouth marketing. This is good for drawing new consumers to your shop, plus it’s indicative of…

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Rules of Perfect Portfolio Websites

7 Rules of Perfect Portfolio Websites

If your field of work is design, photography, 3D, or web design, you probably already know how essential it is to have an impressive portfolio website. While it’s certainly nice to have an actual physical portfolio to show to potential clients, an online portfolio website is a lot more effective. It allows you to reach…

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