Jim Rohn Quotes

Top 20 Motivational Jim Rohn Quotes

When it comes to personal development, very few do it better than Jim Rohn. He’s a master in pushing people to find their true passion and calling, and reach their full potential. What sets Jim Rohn apart from all the...

/ July 10, 2017
How to Optimize Images for Your Website

How to Optimize Images for Your Website

If your site is going to get noticed, you’ll need to optimize your content. Although most people think of optimizing the written content of a site when they think of SEO, experienced SEO companies like Kamil Web Solutions understand the...

/ July 7, 2017
RetroGlitch Photoshop Bundle Download

How Retroglitch Photoshop Bundle Helps You Go Old-School

There’s something about nostalgia effects (e.g. B&W, 18th century line effects, etc.) that certainly catches the eye when it comes to design. All generations appreciate a little peak from the past. These effects not only bring back wistful feelings, but...

/ July 7, 2017
Coverr Helps Make an Impact with Free Videos

Coverr Helps Your Homepage Make an Impact with Free Videos

Making a good first impression is important – even on the Web. In fact, you’re only given three seconds to impress the average online user, before he or she decides to abandon your website. Indeed, speed and design are critical...

/ July 5, 2017
Modern Office Building in Europe

Accounting Automation is About More than Cost Savings

Implementing ERP accounting software can transform the way you do business. Suddenly you have a flexible and powerful platform designed specifically to help you leverage the full value of your data. But the one feature of this software that has...

/ July 3, 2017

25 Free Simplistic Tumblr Themes

When it comes to short-form content, Tumblr proves to be one of the most effective platforms. The number of users can probably prove this fact – with hundreds of millions actively using Tumblr as a medium for their musings and...

/ July 3, 2017
Beginning Graphic Design Color

How To Make Your Graphic Design Come Alive Using Color [VIDEO]

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without color? Colors not only make our world more fun and pleasing, they can also send important messages and evoke moods. That’s why they play a key role in design....

/ June 30, 2017

10 Qualities of Successful Graphic Designers

For the first time in decades, creative fields are finally getting the attention they deserve. Gone is the era dominated by industries that required mostly logic and shunned artistry. Today, computers can do almost every kind of logical process. The...

/ June 28, 2017