How to Use Light in Photographs

You may think that the camera, the subject or even the environment is what can make or break a photograph. In reality, it’s the light.  Think about it. Not enough light or too little light can make a picture blurry, washed out or just plain bad.  But if the lighting is used correctly, the photo…

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Giveaway: 5 Free Futurico UI Pro Element Packs

UPDATE: The winners have been contacted! Inspirationfeed and are partnering up for a great giveaway. This next week you have the chance of winning one set of Futurico UI Pro – Advanced User Interface Elements Pack. Please take your chance and enter this awesome giveaway! Everybody loves free stuff, and here is a chance to…

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20 Outstanding Fashion Related Print Ads

Fashion is one of the biggest industries for advertising on billboards, TV, Internet and pretty much anywhere else they can get their hands on to advertise. Can you blame them? Ladies and men worldwide are very into fashion and their designer brands, it's such a huge growing market. Everyone wants to look good these days,…

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6 Advised Comic Book Crossovers (That Actually Happened)

Often comic book crossovers come off well. Sometimes they are just plain ridiculous. It seems the imaginations of even the best comic book creators run dry, as the following examples prove. What were they thinking? Were they thinking at all? Considering the amount of time it takes to write and draw a comic from beginning…

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10 Remarkable Packaging Designs from the World of Beer

Oh Beautiful Beer celebrates remarkable graphic design from the world of beer. The site is completely dedicated to showcasing beautiful beer branding, packaging, and graphical design. The following designs were collected from the site. Without really thinking about it, you would be surprised how much competition the brewing industry holds. Non-stop commercials encourage us to…

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Showcase of E-Commerce/Sport Website Designs

Most people are either athletes or are sports fans. To sell to athletes and fans you have a good website design to grab the attention of these buyers. Most importantly, the landing page needs a good design to attract the buyer so that they do not leave your site. If you are searching for an e-commerce/sport…

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