30 Examples of Funny and Creative Egg Photography

With a little imagination, you can turn any single object into a piece of art. Today that object is an egg. What started as a creative idea, has spun into a growing trend. Funny egg photography is created by drawing emotional expressions on eggs to tell a story. Today you will witness hilarious scenes that…

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Digital art

40 Entertaining Animal Photo-Manipulations

With many possibilities of Photoshop, one magical category continues to turn heads. That skillful technique is knows as photo-manipulation. With the power of photo-editing applications, we are now able to merge two things together and get a surreal result. It may look like a piece of cake, but this kind of image editing takes many hours…

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How Emotional Appeal Promotes Value

When thinking about writing this article I first wanted to name it "The Economy of Emotion". I then decided that the title "How Emotion Sells Products" would be even better. I don't like to focus on selling anything. While it's important, my primary focus is on quality of my work. And so, finally I settled…

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How to Choose the Right Graphic Design Agency

If you are looking for a design agency to create a new website for your company, assist with a new identity and branding or perhaps to design and supply some printed literature, you need to make sure you are choosing the right graphic design company for the job. With many agencies available it isn’t simple…

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Top 5 Best Tools for Editing Photos

With cameras being fitted to nearly all electronic devices these days there has been a surge in popularity in image editing software. If it’s not touching up your snaps to give them that David Bailey look then it’s letting your creative juices boil through creating your own images, designs and graphics from scratch; image editing…

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60 Unique Nike Shoe Designs by Daniel Reese

Daniel Reese is a 22 year old sneaker designer from United Kingdom. By using his well practiced skill, he takes regular Nike sneakers and turns them into works of art. What started as a part-time hobby, has spun off into an extremely profitable business. Part of the reason these sneakers are so appealing, is that your friends…

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The Free Cycle: Every Market Incumbent’s Achilles Heel

I read about the Google lawsuit that was settled in France where Google was forced to pay a fine as they were, "harming," an incumbent's market by offering their product for free (Maps) as this is subsidized through their leading Search product which in France and elsewhere in Europe, has an overwhelming share. In the…

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