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When it comes to drawing and designing, bringing your own concepts and ideas into reality and expressing yourself, there are two main solutions. You can either keep it oldschool or draw using pen and paper, or you can come into the new age and use a graphic tablet, a computer and a stylus. There are many that advocate for the cause of either so those who aren’t sure get even more confused. Here, we look at some key differences between physical vs. digital.


When you draw something on paper, it feels more organic, it feels like you are actually creating something and bringing it into our world. When you draw on a digital screen, you have a harder time finding that feeling. That being , you can find digital drawings just as personal and meaningful but being able to see the back of your hand all black at the end of a project is a rewarding feeling that’s in a league of its own.

When you change your mind mid-project or want to explore alternatives

explore alternatives

The thing about imagination is that you can’t really control it. You can, but often times the only way to obtain absolute creative genius is by letting it roam free and using whatever it brings you. This can backfire if you are drawing on paper because if you change your mind in the middle of a project, you can’t just undo what you’ve just done and start all over or work around only specific elements, erasing the others. The latter is exactly how you would handle the situation on a screen.

Additionally, if you would like to test out multiple variations, you have to start everything from scratch and work your way up to those details that are different. On a digital platform that’s not necessary. You can immediately start working on those differentiating characteristics on top of

Carrying resources with you

There is no doubt about the fact that having a digital solution for drawing allows you to carry your entire resource backpack in your handy drawing software. If you don’t own drawing software you can most likely find a good deal on With traditional drawing, you can only use what you actually put in your actual backpack. That can be very inconvenient especially when traveling.

Sharing and gifting art

Sharing and gifting art

When it comes to sharing art, digital is far superior. When it comes to gifting art, traditional wins easily. While traditional art simply makes for a better present because it can be displayed and hanged somewhere where it can constantly mean something, digital art is easier to share and display online. If you’re trying to pass it along for a professional project, digital will help you work around your deadlines a lot easier.

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