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Printed plastic cards. Seems like a simple and straightforward matter; it’s a card made out of plastic which usually has something printed on it. Credit cards, ID cards, calling cards, key tags etc. These things have become so commonplace that we rarely pay any attention to it, yet use it on a lot more occasions than we realize. Haven’t you ever wondered how they are made? What if you find yourself in a situation where you need to have them made? Where do you start?

If the words “CR80”, “Single Shopper”, or “QR Codes” ring a bell, then you are probably off to a good start. But if these are totally Greek, then you may need to learn a bit of card printing lingo, just enough to get what you really need. Don’t worry, this is far from rocket science and you don’t need to read paragraph after paragraph of jargon. This infographic from is the fastest way to go from learning about what you need to get and how to get it, from zero to 60 in under a minute.

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