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The best qualities of a website include:

1) Having quality content is vital to the life of any website. Interesting, original, and carefully researched and developed writing will always win over the minds and hearts of users. Content should also be regularly updated and directly related to the website’s theme.

2) Websites should have a unique template that fits your company profile. It is important that templates are original to reflect an individual identity which will attract users.

3) Make sure navigation is smooth and user friendly so that it is easy for users to move to and from internal and index pages. Title tags and appropriate Meta tags are essential in getting good ranking in the search engines.

4) Repair all malfunctioning and broken links because these will reflect badly on the credibility of a website from the user’s as well as search engine’s perspective

5) Make sure navigation is smooth and user friendly so that it is easy for users to move to and from internal and index pages.

6) Incorporating helpful links and information such as an FAQ section and a Search Box option on a website creates a welcoming and user friendly environment for the customer which will ensure that they return.

It is important to have a website hosting service that is reliable and provides the best client service available. If the company that hosts your website is inundated with a huge number of other customers on their server, you will most likely not receive the highest quality of service that you deserve. You want to have a hosting service which treats their clients as valuable assets, and not just another customer.

It might cost a bit more for such service, but it is worth it in the long run. Also,if your website is not crawlable or indexed accurately and regularly, then you should look for another web hosting service. Having an easily visible contact information on your website is common sense, yet many websites fail to provide this for their customers. It is imperative that you build trust by allowing users to conveniently communicate and inquire about any issues that they might have.

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A website’s spiderability and crawlability are critical to developing a high-ranking website. Spiderability can be improved by using text links and adding them in a way that helps the spider to crawl your website. Many website owners aren’t familiar with the crawlability of their own website and don’t know how important it is, nor how to test it.

Websites can be tested with a text only browser to see if each page can be reached on your site. Using a search engine friendly CSS code when incorporating navigation functions into your website, will improve the crawlability of your website. Definitely avoid using Javascript or Flash links because they will not be picked up by the search engine robot and your website won’t get indexed.


Sitemaps help Google distinguish, isolate, and read pages on your site. Often, a website with a lot of pages will not get indexed properly. If a website is exceptionally dynamic and contains AJAX or images, the Googlebot might not discover these pages. Also, if your site is new or has few links, then it might also get passed over rather easily

Professional Website Content is King

Next, you want to make sure you write good, interesting, unique content for your website. Well researched and accurately written content will inevitably create return users. Content that is updated and interesting is key to creating a dynamic and meaningful environment for the user.   The copy should be jargon that is geared towards the layman, so that anyone can understand who is visiting your site. A hook is also necessary to create unique reading that will attract users.

This can be in many forms such as blogs, articles, or learning modules. Offering forums and free quality tutorials are good ways to increase traffic on a website and distinguish your services from the large competitive pool on the internet. The more service and desire to help the customer that your website offers, will impress users and the traffic will increase over time when people realize the exceptional quality of the content. It is imperative to hire writers that produce content that is unique and professionally written, even if it is a little more expensive. This will be crucial to forming trustworthy relationships with customers on your website.

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